Larry Michael

Board Member
Representing Secretary of DHHS
Chief of the Environmental Health Sectionwith the NC Division
of Public Health

Larry is Chief of the Environmental Health Section with the NC Division of Public Health. Prior to that, he was Head of the Food Protection and Facilities Branch for seven years. He has held several positions within the Division, including serving as the state’s first Food Defense Coordinator. Larry’s public health career began at the local level where he was employed as an Environmental Health Specialist in Lee County. Michael earned a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health from East Carolina University and a Master of Public Health from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

The mission of the Environmental Health Section of the Division of Public Health is to safeguard life, promote human health and protect the environment through the practice of modern environmental health science, the use of technology, rules, public education and above all, dedication to the public trust.

The Section is comprised of the agencies which fall under the Food Protection and Facilities Branch, the Children's Environmental Health Branch, Centralized Intern Training and Authorization, and the On-site Water Protection Branch.






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