Holly cropped  Holly M. Yanker
   Manager, Business Counseling Team
  Business Link North Carolina (BLNC)
  Economic Development Partnership
  of North Carolina (EDPNC) 
Holly has over 20 years of experience working with large and small businesses.  She has been involved with BLNC for four years. She speaks Spanish and has lived in South America.
Business Link helps new businesses and existing businesses with regulatory information in North Carolina.  Each state has different rules and regulations for industry and Holly and her team help about 1200 clients per month with starting or expanding their footprint.  Holly brings with her extensive education in business with an MBA; MA and Marketing undergrad.
“Use Your Military Training
to Capture and Win
Your Business Success”
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We can help you start, grow and maintain your business in North Carolina. 

Business Link North Carolina ('BLNC' often pronounced 'blink') is a division of the Economic Development Partnership of NC (EDPNC) and offers a central source for consultations, information and referrals...just the help you need to tap into all the State has to offer.

BLNC Counselors provide:

  • One-on-one client consultations at no cost
  • Customized licensing information
  • Employer and business structure forms
  • Referrals to State Agencies and State Occupational Licensing Boards, Local Governments & Federal Agencies
  • Contacts for Local, State & Federal business services, programs & resources

Got CEU's?   We Do!

 Tidewater TechExpo Awards 1.0 CEU's
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Presenters and Attendees need only pre-register for 1.0 CEUs in advance to pick up their certificate on-site July 21, 2016.

You can register at the event, and your certificate will be mailed or emailed.

What is CEU? CEU is a continuing education unit. One CEU is defined as 10 contact hours of participation in an organized education experience under responsible sponsorship, capable direction, and qualified instruction.

Each contact hour of participation consists of 50 minutes’ work and 10 minutes of break. CEUs providers offer the course (a seminar, conference, or workshop) and ensure the quality of the course provided. They issue a certificate to the attendees. The certificate consists of the name of attendee, the number of CEUs awarded, and the name of the organization awarding the CEUs. It is the individual’s responsibility to keep and present the certificate to whatever organization requires the certificate. CEU providers keep a record of the CEUs in case the attendees need verification later.


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